Ms Forde

Fáilte go Naíonáin Shinsearacha


We really enjoyed dressing up for Halloween and taking part in the Halloween parade.


Science Week 2018

We had a very exciting time during Science Week. In class we took part in an experiment to see the effects of hot and cold air on a balloon.

The balloon inflated in hot water.                                                           And deflated in cold water.


We also had a visit from an Ecologist who helped us look at the changes in nature during the winter. We had a lot of fun exploring the school grounds and looking at the world around us up close with magnifying glasses.



Maths Week

We loved taking part in many different games and activities during Maths Week.


Our Aistear theme for October was Construction. We thoroughly enjoyed moving from station to station learning about the construction site, pretending to be architects by designing buildings and bridges and building with blocks and playdough too.

The Weather

Our theme this month for Aistear was The Weather Station. We have had great fun learning about the different types of weather. 


We learned all about the water cycle and we made wheels to help us remember the different stages.
We learned what a meteorologist does and we tried being weather reporters. It was lots of fun!