Ms Young

Ms Young’s 5th class did a project with Ms Mulvey on World War 1 and this is what we learnt.

  • WW1 Started in 1914 and ended in 1918 on the 11th November.
  • Every Christmas they played a football match.
  • Italy was a central power but they changed to the allies side.
  • In the war they used horses but then changed to elephants.
  • Even if you were not in the war that didn’t mean that you were not in the danger zone.
  • America joined the allies because Germany bombed their ships.
  • After WW1 all the countries signed a contract that they will not do another war but they did again.

After learning all the facts Ms Mulvey asked the class to bring in recyclables. With everything the class brought in we were able to make our own projects. Some people did group work and some worked independently. We also made posters. Someone in the class also made a powerpoint. Sadly we finished our project when Ms Mulvey had to leave but we had a great time.

by Caitlin, Lucy-Anne and Andreea