Preschool Room 2

Meet the Staff in Preschool Room 2:

  • Pamela Lane – Pre School Teacher

BA in Early Years Care and Education level 7

High Scope Teacher










Seline Nestor – Pre School Teacher

Fetac Level 5

High Scope Teacher








Elaine O Connell – Pre School Teacher

Fetac Level 6

Accredited High Scope Teacher







Alitta Buriel  – Early Years Assistant







Class Update:

This spring we are very busy in preschool doing lots of new and stimulating activities.  We set up a doctor’s surgery in our home corner as we are interested in playing doctors; we have been playing with bandages and plasters.  It’s so much fun pretending to be the doctor!


To support the children’s language and communication development we are focusing on a story called Mrs. Rainbow.  We are learning all about colours, feelings and new vocabulary as we read this book together.  The puppets are good fun and we like to act out the story with the storyboard.


We have also been exploring different types of fruit to encourage healthy eating and sensory development.


We had our first show and tell, it was so much fun playing with our toys.  We are building our confidence when talking about what we decided to bring in.